Austrian Ex-Soccer Player Roberto Divkovic Embroiled in Major Gold Trading Scam, Faces Legal Action

Roberto Divkovic, an Austrian citizen previously known for his soccer career, is now embroiled in a major financial scandal. His Serbian company, MP 1991 Plus DOO Beograd, allegedly involved in gold trading, is accused of defrauding investors, with losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros.

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Divkovic lured investors to his Belgrade-based company with the promise of high returns and regular quarterly payments. However, these commitments have led to significant financial losses for many investors, as the promises were not fulfilled. The extent of the alleged fraud is considerable, with the financial impact being significant and widespread. Legal actions are underway as investors attempt to recoup their funds and hold Divkovic responsible.

Sources indicate that Divkovic, who still reportedly works at Infinity Group, has been operating his scam company simultaneously. The revelation of his dual involvement in legitimate business and fraudulent activities raises serious questions about his business ethics and practices. The actions of Divkovic have been widely condemned as reprehensible.

Scamming people, especially on such a large scale, is not only unethical but also causes immense harm to the victims. It’s imperative that individuals like Divkovic are held accountable for their crimes to ensure justice for those affected and to deter similar fraudulent activities in the future.

As the legal proceedings against Divkovic and his company continue, more details are expected to emerge. The situation is evolving, and further updates will be provided as new information becomes available.