Prognosis For 2020 – Online Casinos Will Do More Mobile Payments

For a while now, online gamers have been spending bilions of dollars on online games. A lot of the money goes to unlocking features, gametime and gameplay. In 2019, the amount of money spent on these products was a staggering $68.5 billion, an increase from the previous year. Much of this comes from different offers. A lot of online casinos are taking note at these news, as it means that a lot of mobile users are fine with doing payments on their phones and, understandably, they will most likely put in extra effort to reach these players in 2020.

What is the current situation?

There seems to be a substantial portion of gamblers already on their phones as this offers the freedom to play while away from your computer, on your way to work, in the waiting room or while in line at the grocery store. This is clearly a development that the business is going to be forced to adapt to. Casinos are spending more effort into making their games as nice looking and available on the small screen as the big one.

What is the general opinion of mobile payments?

Two of the most important features, at least according to the players, are safety and accessibility. They want to be able to pay in an easy manner with different payment options, but doing is in a secure fashion is just as crucial. Being able to access your winnings easy and fast would be important to anyone. Many people use ApplePay, as this is a trusted company with a good history. Being able to provide these safe options is essential for the online casinos in order not to lose against competition.

In the UK, the Gambling Comission has banned credit cards for usage in online casinos and there is talk about payment direct carrier billing-based mobile methods.

What is available today?

Right now, there are quite a few options, like Netteller, Paypal and Skrills but in 2020, there is likely going to be more options like this for the big online gambling ventures to chose from. As these companies have already showed that this is a lucrative business, more are likely to follow.

The online casinos can simply use already existing options, or develope their own solutions in order to keep up. But what is for sure, is that the companies that doesn’t adapt to the modern way of doing business online, will surely fall behind.