Gamification in Online Casinos

According to this site, gambling sites has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout its existence, and its current popularity is definite proof that these digital platforms are here to stay. While most of their success is ultimately owed to the players themselves, there is something to be said about the offering. Namely, online casino operators didn’t introduce their products back in the mid-90s and stop there; on the contrary, they pushed the limits for a faster, better, and more generous online gaming solution.

This resulted in three main trends in the online casino industry, each carrying with it its fair share of benefits. The first two – live dealer games and mobile gaming – were practically simultaneous, as they were both the result of technology’s tendencies to grow rather than online casino players’ need to take their free spins to the dentist. Either way, both such trends have greatly improved player satisfaction but also saturated the market with novelties at the same time. Naturally so, the audience stopped seeking quantity and started going for quality gaming content, one they could customize and personalize to a certain degree that makes them come back for more. This is achieved through the final industry trend – gamification.


The Definition of Gamification in Online Casinos

In order to understand gamification, one must go beyond the digital and the technical. While these two deal with matters such as connections, wireless networks, software compatibility and operating system durability, gamification is the one thing that tries to include a personal element into the end product. Therefore, this trend can be defined as a set of techniques used to make players more engaged with their game play by introducing a more personalized dimension to the whole thing.

In today’s competitive markets, gamification is a common occurrence in various corporate spheres, each trying to sell their product better than the rest. When it comes to online casinos, particularly, there are a few ways they have been able to employ this trend to the best use.

Example of Casino Heroes Gamification


Types of Gamification Techniques in Online Casino Platforms

There are several gamification techniques already in place at the majority of online casinos. Each of them poses a different appeal to the player’s senses, attempting to make their game play last longer.

  • Loyalty Points – The VIP Loyalty system calls upon one of human nature’s basic desires – to be recognized for your devotion and contribution. While it is true that loyal regular players do deserve their fair share of benefits, gamification is what turned this undefined debt into a perfect strategy. Nowadays, players accumulate from every side for the top VIP programs on the market, and they still pick them based on that basic feeling.
  • Goals, Missions & Accomplishments – This technique is rather different than the one before, as it does not call upon praising people for having fun; rather, it prompts them to have even more fun, and prove that they are superior while doing it.

Online casino players had already been competing between each other behind the lines, bragging across forums about their biggest jackpot hits or poker wins, so all this gamification technique did was use it to encourage them to excel in the open. With as little knowledge about human nature as one can have, this is something anyone can relate to.

  • Leaderboards – Unlike the previous two, this technique does have some similarities with its predecessor in that it employs the same human urge to be better than their competition. What is different about it is that these leaderboards are normally appointed for tournaments, meaning that there is no prize for each individual step up the board. Despite that, players continue enrolling in tournaments and fighting for their spot at the top of the boards, and thus, proving gamification to be a success.

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Gamification in the Future

Gamification is definitely a great success, and judging by the universal features it is based on, it should stay that way for a while. All in all, this system of techniques has benefited everyone involved by incurring greater profits for the businesses and getting more gratification than ever for the players. Judging by the industry’s progress up until now, online casinos are bound to continue improving, and gamification is sure to help.