Nootropics used by the US Army

With numerous stressors almost everywhere we turn, many Americans at times feel that they’re in a never-ending war. However, as civilians, our day to day stress factors can hardly compare to what military personnel go through in the actual battlefield.

Running errands such as taking care of kids, delivering timely project results at work and comprehending complex concepts in class can understandably feel nerve-wracking and overwhelming, but there is a lot to learn from how the armed forces boost their performance.

Nootropics use by ancient armies

Traditionally, combatants in war have always used one nootropic or the other to enhance their performance.For instance, the nootropic Rhodiola rosea herb was consumed by Scandinavia’s Vikings to avert fatigue as well as boost their energy levels. Prior to heading to war, this herb was taken in order to help them fight for longer hours and with greater efficiency.

Chinese emperors are also known to have used the potency of a number of herbs in a bid to accomplish their missions across Asia. Rulers in ancient times clearly understood that consuming certain herbs and roots was vital in improving the performance of their army men.

Modern armies

In modern times, the use of nootropics has become wide spread and soldiers all over the world try to have as much advantage as they can using supplements.

Indeed, modern science has far outdone what our ancestors ever imagined. There are complete departments of pharmacologists, biologists as well as chemists undertaking research regarding supplementation on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Indeed, the Department of Defense has found great success in nootropics such as Pramiracetam and Modafinil that have proved to be highly effective in keeping soldiers focused on their mission even after going for more than three days without sleep.


The U.S. military pilots are known to take the nootropicPramiracetam to avoid dizziness during prolonged flights. Pramiracetam has been studied widely with results proving that it is a highly effective brain booster, and hence its use by military personnel.

Apart from enhancing memory and concentration, perhaps the greatest benefit that Pramiracetam gives its users is ability to focus on their tasks for longer and better. Now anyone can buy pramiracetam online without prescription.


The use of Modafinil is compulsory for military personnel. The U.S. military has used this supplement to keep soldiers awake and alert in missions lasting up to 85 hours. Unsurprisingly, Modafinil has grown in popularity among professionals and students due to its effectiveness in optimizing the functioning of the brain.