Historians study black vets’ role in civil rights

In the words of retired Gen. Colin Powell, postwar Germany was “a breath of freedom” for black soldiers, especially those out of the South: “[They could] go where they wanted, eat where they wanted, and date, whom they wanted, just like other people.” Germany, on the heels of a Holocaust flamed by anti-Semitism, would seem to be the last place on earth to experience any wisp of racial freedom. But two historians studying the experience of black American GIs in postwar Germany maintain that racial discrimination was not institutionalized asRead More

For some, Iraq evokes mean streets of home

FORWARD OPERATING BASE O’RYAN, Iraq — After a rough childhood in the crime-ridden Washington, D.C., suburbs, Capt. Johnny Evans found something unexpectedly familiar about his first deployment to central Iraq. “I tell people back home, in a way, this is similar to the ghetto,” said Evans, 33, who leads Company D, 1st Battalion, 8th Regiment, part of the 4th Infantry Division of Fort Carson, Colo. “I’m not trying to sound funny,” he said. “This is home. This is an urban environment. It’s hot and there are big bugs. But IRead More

Two-star general: Accusations shouldn’t taint all U.S. troops

BAGHDAD — Recent accusations of rape and murder leveled against current and former U.S. servicemembers in Iraq should not taint the reputation of the hundreds of thousands of coalition forces who have served here in the last three years, a top military spokesman told reporters on Wednesday. With four separate investigations being conducted into alleged criminal behavior on the part of U.S. soldiers and Marines, coalition forces are now finding their core values of honor, duty and courage being challenged, said Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV. “These investigations strikeRead More

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